Amazing Holiday Snapshots on the Coffs Coast

Amazing Holiday Snapshots on the Coffs Coast

If you’re planning a Coffs Harbour holiday, get ready to snap some fantastic pics. Coffs Harbour sits in the middle of a ninety-kilometre stretch of outstanding subtropical coastline. The Coffs Coast starts south at Nambucca and reaches as far north as Red Rock. Essentially, what makes this section of the coastline so unique is the vast diversity of environments. For example, we have pristine beaches, lush hinterland with coastal rainforests, large areas of state forest, and the fresh mountain landscape of the Dorrigo plateau and beyond. Plus, there are beautiful National Parks and World Heritage sites to explore. So, while you’re soaking up the beauty and relaxing on your Coffs Harbour holiday, where are the top spots to capture the perfect holiday snaps?

Coffs Harbour Holiday Snapshot Hot Spots

We can’t possibly list all the great places to grab the perfect shot, but here are a few of the ‘must-haves’.

The Big Banana – It’s iconic; it’s known worldwide, and so you have no choice but to stand in front of the Big Banana with the family and get this shot.

Mutton Bird Island – Mutton Bird is a short walk from Pacific Marina Apartments. Actually, it’s not really an island because it’s accessed via the harbour wall. What’s great about it is the fantastic 360-degree views you get from the top.

The Jetty – The old timber jetty makes for outstanding photography, particularly around sunset.

Sealy Lookout – Sealy Lookout offers outstanding views of the entire Coffs coastline. The skywalk pier is well worth the short trip to Bruxtner Park. Set your phone or camera to wide-angle and snap away.

Beaches and Headlands – Coffs is blessed with so many beautiful beaches and headlands; any one of them is photo-worthy.

Bellingen and Dorrigo – Travel a little inland, and you’ll find these two very different country towns. Bellingen offers The Promised Land and heritage buildings throughout the main street. Dorrigo has Dorrigo National Park with a world heritage rainforest and lovely walks with stunning views to capture.

This short list is a tiny fraction of what’s on offer during your Coffs Harbour holiday.

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