Coffs Harbour For Star Gazers - Inspiring Night Skies

Coffs Harbour For Star Gazers – Inspiring Night Skies

Coffs Harbour is the perfect destination for stargazers who want to experience crystal-clear night skies with virtually no light pollution. With its stunning beaches and wide-open spaces, Coffs Harbour is the ideal place to take in the night sky and all the beauty of the stars. So, if Coffs Harbour stars are what you’re looking for, here are a few activities you won’t want to miss.

The origin and evolution of life are connected in the most intimate way with the origin and evolution of the stars. (Carl Sagan)

Coffs Harbour Stars – To Infinity, and Beyond!

Stargazing is fascinating, but did you know it can also provide fantastic benefits? First, gazing at Coffs Habour stars is a social activity that brings people and family together and encourages conversation and learning. Next, it can also be a great way to relax and unwind from the stresses of daily life. Lastly, stargazing has also been shown to be beneficial for mental health, providing an opportunity to step away from technology and connect with nature.

Muttonbird Island By Moonlight Guided Tours

Muttonbird Island is a protected nature reserve on the coast of Coffs Harbour. It’s connected to the Jetty Harbour break wall and is an easy walk from Pacific Marina Apartments. Moreover, Muttonbird Island is the home of the Wedge-tailed Shearwater, or Muttonbird, a species of seabird that nests on the island. Take a guided tour of the island by moonlight and get the chance to witness Muttonbird Island’s stunning night sky and bird habitat. The next tour is on 3rd March 2023. You can find more details on the NSW National Parks and Wildlife website.

Cinema Under the Coffs Harbour Stars

Cinema Under the Stars is an outdoor cinema located at the Coffs Harbour Showground on 23rd April 2023. Here, stargazers can take in the night sky from the comfort of their own seat or picnic blanket. Relax with a free blockbuster movie and a cold beer, or simply enjoy the Coffs Harbour stars. More details:

Stargazing From Jetty Beach

Jetty Beach is the perfect place for star gazing. Its wide open spaces and minimal light pollution offer an unbeatable view of the night sky. Also, a stroll along the historic Jetty pier under the stars makes for a perfect romantic evening! So, pack some snacks, a blanket and a telescope or binoculars and take in the stars. For a live star map of the stars visible from Coffs Harbour in real-time, check out the fantastic website The Sky Live.

If you’re a keen stargazer or just love the night sky, Coffs Harbour is the place to be! So why not stay at Pacific Marina Apartments? It’s located ideally for Jetty Beach, Muttonbird and much more.