The Top Things To Do in Coffs Harbour With Kids

The Top Things To Do in Coffs Harbour With Kids

When you head towards Coffs Harbour, know that you’re not just headed to a destination; you’re about to create unforgettable family memories. From sandy toes to laughter-filled tours, here are the top must-do activities for your crew and things to do in Coffs Harbour with kids.

Coffs Harbour With Kids – Ride the Surf

Imagine your little ones standing tall on a surfboard. Lee Winkler’s Surf School specialises in teaching kids, ensuring they catch waves and have confidence in the water.

Gentle Tides at Jetty Beach

Chase the gentle embrace of the ocean at Jetty Beach. It’s sheltered and perfect for the little ones to paddle without the surprise of big waves. On the other hand, for older kids seeking a thrill, jetty jumping ticks the box for an adrenaline rush.

Coffs Harbour With Kids – The Big Banana

Stand under the grandeur of the Big Banana and demonstrate your cheesiest smile! Then, explore the fun park’s awesome collection of attractions – race down water slides, conquer mini-golf, or skate on ice!

Segway Explorers

Transform your family into a fleet of wheeled explorers on Time Out Adventures’ Segway tours. Cruise through diverse landscapes, absorbing nature’s wonders, all from the futuristic decks of your super Segways.

Paddle in Peace

With C-Change Adventures, you can be in harmony with the waterways. Whether kayaking or SUPing, glide through the calmness of Boambee Creek.

Coffs Harbour With Kids – Marine Magic

Let the Solitary Islands Marine Park be your undersea playground. Dive in and snorkel side by side with vibrant marine life in a confluence of warm and cool ocean currents.

The Beauty of Butterflies

Step into the Butterfly House. It’s not just a home to 400 butterflies; it’s where your children will be enthralled and learn lessons on the delicate dance of nature.

Zip, Swing and Play

The Coffs Coast Adventure Centre is your family’s playground outside sports days. Zip-lining, Zorbing, and a host of other activities make for laughter-filled afternoons.

A Buzzing Marketplace

Harbourside Market and Coffs Growers Market are fantastic showcases of local life. Dance to live tunes, try the fresh produce and let the artisans’ crafts amaze your kids.

Coffs Harbour With Kids – Secret Splashes

Ditch the map and follow local whispers to spots like Never Never Creek near Bellingen. These secretive swims are well away from the buzz of crowded places, leaving you and your kids in the peace and quiet of nature.

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