Fully Serviced Apartments vs Hotels for Corporate Accommodation

Fully Serviced Apartments vs. Hotels for Corporate Accommodation

Are you and your team planning to visit Coffs Harbour for a corporate event or business meeting? If so, you may be searching for the ideal place to stay. Hotels and fully-serviced apartments are the two main options for corporate accommodation, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at both options.

Hotels for Corporate Accommodation: The Upside

Convenience and Round-the-Clock Service

Hotels particularly cater to the needs of business visitors. With daily housekeeping, room service, and a 24/7 desk service, convenience becomes a key draw card.

Multiple Amenities

Hotels typically offer a broad scale of amenities. From gyms to pools, meeting rooms, and spas, the amenities are conveniently located within the same premises, saving valuable business time.

All-inclusive Costs

Upon booking a hotel, one sum covers your stay, utilities, amenities, and often breakfast. Thus, budgeting becomes a little simpler as you don’t have unpredictable bills arriving on your desk.

Hotels: The Opposing Side

Lack of Space and Freedom

A hotel room usually offers limited space, not ideal for group activities or meetings. Plus, there aren’t facilities for cooking meals or accommodating extra colleagues, restraining your freedom to some extent.

Cost Efficiency

Hotels could be an expensive proposition for longer stays. The daily rates, despite covering various features, add up and cost you more than a serviced apartment would for the same duration.

Fully Serviced Apartments: The Upside

Space Galore and Homelike Comfort

Perhaps the biggest selling point for serviced apartments as corporate accommodation is the extra space. The additional separate living area is perfect for casual meetings, brainstorming sessions, or simply relaxing after work.

Kitchen Facilities

Serviced apartments feature fully-equipped kitchens. This not only gives individuals the chance to indulge in home-cooked meals but also cuts down on extravagant restaurant bills.

Lower Costs

Certainly, for longer stays, serviced apartments such as Pacific Marina Apartments win hands-down.

Serviced Apartments For Corporate Accommodation

In summary, the choice of opting for serviced apartments or hotels for corporate accommodation depends on your team’s requirements, budget, and length of stay. Consider the pros and cons of both before making your choice. When it comes to reserving corporate accommodation in Coffs Harbour, taking into account your team’s preferences is crucial for a successful stay.

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