The Exciting Rise of Craft Breweries and Craft Distilleries

The Exciting Rise of Craft Breweries and Craft Distilleries

Over the last decade, Australia has witnessed an astonishing proliferation of craft brewers, craft or small batch distillers, and brew pubs. Drinks in Coffs Harbour have never been so enticing! Craft beer’s origins can be traced to beer enthusiasts experimenting with home brew kits in their backyards. Trialling various flavours and techniques and innovating by adding spices, switching hop strains, using more potent alcohol, and developing unique takes on international flavours. The Australian craft beer business, which is currently worth over $800 million, is being driven by dedicated homebrewers, craft beer makers, and more upscale beer lovers who want a more specialised, distinctive, and sophisticated product. Add to this the rise of small-batch distillers and brew pubs, and you begin to see the scale of the impact on traditional big brewers. So, what does this exciting trend mean for drinks in Coffs Harbour?

Fantastic Craft Drinks in Coffs Harbour

So, what does ‘craft’ mean anyway? Essentially, craft beers, wines and spirits are usually produced more traditionally. Also, the batches are much smaller, so you can expect a wider variety of offerings. Moreover, the brewers are real enthusiasts that treat brewing as an art and will constantly strive for improvements and tweaks to the flavours. Finally, craft brewers and distillers are often called microbreweries due to the relatively small size of their operations.

King Tide Brewpub Coffs Harbour

King Tide Brewing has created an impressive 250-seat brewpub with two bars, a spacious beer garden, a kitchen with European influences, and a state-of-the-art brewhouse that is now producing a broad array of exciting craft creations. Moreover, King Tide is working to develop a venue centred on the community. A location where people can unwind and meet new or old acquaintances with a delicious craft beer or wine and a tasty meal or snack.

Critters Distillery

For Nicola and Chris, what began as a passionate love of vodka gradually developed into a handcrafted spirits business. The newest player on the block, Critters Distillery offers premium vodka and gin right here on the Coffs Coast and elevates this age-old spirit and distilling art to the next level. Check out the Critters website for sales and fun events.

Fancy a Crack at Brewing Drinks in Coffs?

Ever wished you could make your own craft beer? Do you have the drive but are unsure of where to begin? Brewing your own beer can be challenging if you’re just starting. Don’t worry! We know a little bit of expert guidance can go a long way! The team at Country Brewer Toormina love supporting others while they craft their own beverages through fermentation, distillation, and brewing. So, visit them in Coffs Harbour for all of your supplies and ingredients and have a go! Rest assured; they’ll also give you the tips you need to stay clear of the frequent dangers that await inexperienced brewers!

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