Coffs Local Secrets and Fun Things To Do

Coffs Local Secrets and Fun Things To Do

Look, the Big Banana is a great place to visit, make no mistake. But there’s much more to Coffs Harbour than this iconic tourist attraction. So, check out our quick guide to some seriously fun things to do in Coffs that are a little bit more adventurous and sometimes off the beaten track.

Fun Things To Do – Falling In Love With The Falls

Start your tour with a dash of adrenaline and immerse yourself in stunning waterfalls. Scouts Falls offers an enticing adventure. Boasting a wild and secluded setting, this fab falls is a 1.6km return walk through some pretty rough terrain. After rain, rocks and ledges can get slippery, so wear some good boots.

Wildlife Watching from Muttonbird Island

Next, head out to Muttonbird Island. This destination offers an unbelievable opportunity to witness turtles, stingrays, dolphins, and even Humpback whales (between May and October).
Moreover, a leisurely 2.2km return walk from the nearest car park transports you to an incredible ocean vista. Plus, don’t forget to allot some time to savour the beauty of this perfect wildlife-watching spot.

Fun Things To Do – Kayaking Adventure

From there, allow the emerald current to guide you as you kayak through some of the best routes around Coffs. Fortunately, C-Change Adventures offers affordable self-hire services that start in a mangrove area and run through beautiful emerald waters. Don’t miss the picturesque beach midway for a dip!

Greet The Locals

Travelling further, visiting the endearing locals at Look At Me Now Headland is at the top of the list of fun things to do. These characterful kangaroos are frequently spotted lounging about and grazing throughout the area. A brief 1.6km walk reveals the breathtaking views of Moonee Beach while offering a rare chance to see the upbeat locals in their natural habitat.

Sealy Lookout— A View To Remember

Spend your twilight hours at Sealy Lookout’s Forest Sky Pier. No words can capture the panoramic view of the breathtaking Solitary Islands Marine Park or the expansive mountain ranges it overlooks. Plus, accessing this bird’s-eye view costs nothing, adding an extra cherry to an already sweet treat.

Beach Meets Rainforest

After that, visit the pristine Bongil Beach, hidden in the heart of Bongil Bongil National Park. This beach offers over 7km of unspoiled sand and sea, often deserted even during peak seasons.

Wine and Dine in the Country

Mix a little bit of class with your coastal retreat. Just a short drive away, Two Tails Winery in Nana Glen boasts a plethora of unique wines, including blueberry, chocolate chilli, and ginger.

Fun Things To Do – A Stroll In the Botanic Garden

Eventually, head towards the heart of Coffs and discover the North Coast Regional Botanic Garden. A relaxing venture with several kilometres of neatly manicured walking paths winding through incredible geographically themed gardens awaits you here. Also, don’t miss the picturesque Paperbark Boardwalk.

A Peek Into History

Let’s explore history at the old WWII Bunker turned Cartoon Gallery. Expect thought-provoking cartoons reflecting past and present global events.

Perfect Accommodation

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